CHI2003 - New Horizons


Opportunities for Students at CHI 2003

CHI is committed to nurturing new talent within HCI by providing opportunities for students to make contact with leading researchers, practitioners and designers, and to be exposed to the latest developments in the field. Three opportunities at CHI 2003 are restricted to students. Firstly, students who are willing to work as student volunteers will receive free registrations and support for attendance. Secondly, students may present their work in the closed category of Student Posters. Thirdly, for research students whose work warrants inclusion in the Doctoral Consortium, there are free registrations and support with travel and subsistence. You can submit to all three student categories, and may submit the same abstract and poster layout to both the Doctoral Consortium and Student Posters tracks, so be sure to make full use of the opportunities available. If you are accepted for the Doctoral Consortium however, you will not be able to serve as a student volunteer, and your poster will be part of the Doctoral Consortium rather than the Student Posters track.

Both Student Posters and the Doctoral Consortium require poster presentations. There is a scheduled spotlight on posters within one of the conference breaks, but poster presenters may attend their poster at several times during the conference. Full details on preparing your submittted poster sketch and the final accepted poster are available at the doctoral consortium, or the student posters submission pages. You should consult this information and all other relevant details well before submitting.