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eLearning at CHI 2003 ... April 5 - 10 in Ft. Lauderdale

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CHI 2003... April 5-10 in Ft. Lauderdale

Come to CHI 2003 to learn from and exchange ideas with some of the premier thinkers and researchers of interaction design. You can acquire critical information about how to create future interactive environments. This year's conference offers 36 full and half-day tutorials, referred sessions and invited presentations. A small sample of this year's presentations include:

  • Successful e-learning requires understanding learner needs, paying attention to research- based learner-centered design principles, and building an electronic environment that provides timely feedback, rich information, meaningful conversations, and learning-by- doing." Carolyn Gale of Stanford University and Sherry Hsi of Metacourse will present their tutorial Enhanced E-Learning Through Learner-centric Design. Discover what capabilities and activities are needed to support rich, engaging, "lasting" learning.

  • Advancements in technology have enhanced our potential to create and deliver eLearning, but instructional developments and research in this area have yet to effectively exploit or direct these opportunities. Lisa Neal, eLearn Magazine's Editor-in-Chief and EDS consultant; and Gavan Litner of Aptima will moderate a special panel: eLearning Comes of Age: Developing Rich and Vibrant Learner Experiences This session, we take inspiration from the usability movement in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) to reflect on how we can attend to the needs of the learner in the development of eLearning.

  • Lisa Neal, eLearn magazine Editor-in-Chief and Ken Korman, ACM Execitive Editor of Magazines will host a discussion on eLearning. This discussion, scheduled for Wednesday 9 April from 2:30 - 4 PM, will examine important issues in eLearning as they relate to the field of human-computer interaction.

  • Don Norman will present Emotion & Design for the closing plenary on April 10th.
    Norman says,"Usable products don't have to be ugly. In fact, the brain works differently when happy rather than anxious, so products can actually be easier to use if they give fun and pleasure, along with beauty." Norman is an eLearn Magazine's Advisory Board Member, Principal of Nielsen Norman Group and Professor at Northwestern University.

  • BJ Fogg of Stanford University will teach how computing products (from web sites to mobile applications) can be designed to influence people--to change what they think and do in How To Motivate & Persuade Users: Influence in Everyday Human-Computer Interaction.

  • Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering, and Christine Perfetti will present factors that affect user experience with Web sites Web Sites that Work: Designing with Your Eyes Open. Jared and Christine will also provide ground-breaking new updates concerning usable Web sites in Web-Site Usability: The Big Picture 2003.

For a complete list of Tutorial offerings consult the Tutorials Schedule.

CHI 2003 is the premier worldwide forum for the exchange of information on all aspects of how people interact with computers. On April 5-10 over 2000 researchers, practitioners, educators, and students will meet from over 45 countries in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA to explore the new horizons of human-computer interaction. This year's conference features six days of world-class presentations including 36 tutorials, plenary speakers, dynamic panels, paper sessions and more. To see the complete conference offering, go directly to the CHI 2003 Advance Program

Participation in CHI 2003 is open to all with an interest in Human-Computer Interaction. Register before March 20th, 2003 and you can really save on your fee.

The anchor's up, and it's time to come aboard CHI 2003 and help us steer a course... bring distant shores into view... chart new routes to new destinations. Explore new design horizons at CHI 2003, the premier international forum for the exchange of the latest information on all aspects of Human-Computer Interaction. Plan to attend CHI 2003.

CHI 2003 is sponsored by ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction ACM SIGCHI, In addition to ACM, various organizations support CHI 2003. Champion sponsors include: Diamond Bullet Design, Google, Microsoft, Unisys and Yahoo! Contributing sponsors include: eLearn magazine, IBM, Intel Research Menlo Technology Group, Nokia, OSDN Slashdot, Sun Microsystems and User Interface Engineering.

The annual CHI conference attracts a lot of attention from the media. A number of articles about the conference and the work presented there are written each year. Some interesting articles include:


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

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  • Designers Adapting Computers to Human Behavior

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  • Taking Computers to Task

USA Today:

  • Conference tackles ease-of-use issues
  • Anthropologists adapt technology to world's cultures

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