CHI2003 - New Horizons

Request Scholarship Funds

Request Scholarship Funds

CHI 2003 will offer a limited number of scholarships to CHI 2003 authors with demonstrated financial need to enable them to present their work at the conference. Priority will be given to authors from economically disadvantaged countries. Scholarships will be offered to presenters of accepted presentations only.

The goal is to encourage submissions from under-represented segments of the HCI community.

Application forms for Tutorials and those categories with deadlines of 23 September 2002 must be received by 23 September 2002. Please note that Tutorial Instructors receive compensation for presenting. Applications for categories due on 7 January 2003 must be received by 7 December.

Category Deadline for Application

Category Deadline
Tutorials 23 September 2002
Demos 23 September 2002
Development Consortium 23 September 2002
Doctoral Consortium 23 September 2002
Panels 23 September 2002
Papers 23 September 2002
Design and Usability In Practice 23 September 2002
Workshops 23 September 2002
Interactionary 6 December 2002
Short Talks / Interactive Posters 7 January 2003
SIGs 7 January 2003
Student Posters 7 January 2003

To apply, fill out the CHI 2003 Scholarship Application Form. Completed forms should be submitted to the following address:

CHI 2003 Conference Headquarters
attn: Ellen Spitzbart
Smith Bucklin and Associates
401 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

You may also fax your application to +1 312 673 6961.

Please contact the appropriate Regional Liaisons if you have any questions. For information about obtaining a visa to U.S., please see the Visa information page.